6th Practising Certificate Seminar

From:20 Nov 2017 - 08:45
To:20 Nov 2017 - 17:30
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Dear SAS members


The SAS is holding our  6th Practising Certificate Seminar  on the 20 November 2017 at (venue to be advised). 


A reminder that this seminar replaces the prior Appointed Actuary (AA) Induction course and is also relevant for Certifying Actuaries (CA).


The objective of the seminar is to introduce members to the issues facing AAs and CAs.  A Practising Certificate will be issued to members considered as eligible* for the signing roles from the perspective of the Singapore Actuarial Society. Each Practising Certificate is valid for three years.  This seminar is also open to other Fellows and Associates who may be considering stepping into signing roles or would like to obtain additional CPD hours.  Fellows who anticipate moving into signing roles in the near future should consider participating in this seminar as we encourage Fellows and Associates to obtain the Practising Certificate in advance of applying to the MAS for signing roles.


The seminar covers the current topics on professionalism, as well as facilitated discussions on some current issues faced by actuaries in Singapore. This seminar is structured to be highly interactive.


*There was a grandfathering provision such that all AAs and CAs that were in such roles as at 31 December 2014 will have a Practising Certificate valid for three years up to 31 December 2017. Also any new AA’s and CA’s that have previously held AA/CA roles are entitled to a Practising Certificate for three years from the time they gave up prior AA/CA roles (for example a new CA as at 1 May 2015 who was previously a CA up until 20 June 2013, would be entitled to a Practicing Certificate until 20 June 2016).


Actuaries who have relied on the grandfathering provision that was allowed at the introduction of the Practising Certificate should be aware that they need a valid Practising Certificate to continue in their statutory roles.  This means that they will have to attend this Practising Certificate Seminar unless they have already attended an earlier seminar.


Interested parties, please click here to register online for the full day seminar, upon successful registration, you will receive an email confirmation immediately.  SAS members, please login with your username.


Registration Fees: SGD 300 payable to Singapore Actuarial Society.


To broaden the discussions in the afternoon sessions, members who are not attending the full seminar but would like to participate in the discussions (subject to the available space), and earn CPD credits, will be able to do so.



Please click here to register online for the discussion session from 4pm to 5pm, registration slots are limited and based on first come first served basis.  SAS members, please login with your username.


Registration Fees for afternoon discussion only: FREE for SAS members.


Kindly sign up early to avoid disappointment.  


Thank you





6th Practising Certificate Seminar

Singapore Actuarial Society