How to Apply as a New Member / Reinstate Your Lapsed Membership

  1. Submit the completed application form (attached below), supporting documents (e.g. certificate) to membership@actuaries.org.sg, and make the required payment.
  2. SAS will advise you on additional documentation, if required. 
  3. Approval will take 4 - 6 weeks.


How to Upgrade 

  1. Your SAS class must be in accordance with the class of membership of your Primary Actuarial Association, if it is a Recognised Actuarial Association (as defined in the constitution)
  2. Please submit the relevant supporting documents (e.g. certificate) when upgrading to membership@actuaries.org.sg
  3. SAS will advise you on additional documentation and required payment. 
  4. Approval will take 4 - 6 weeks.


Additional Information:

  • For Fellows of Non-Recognised Actuarial Associations, please complete the supplementary application Form together with the main application form.
  • For members reinstating lapsed memberships, you must inform us should there be any material changes affecting your professional standing or actuarial credentials when reinstating.
  • Students renewing their student memberships will need to submit documentation of their continued education.
  • Students who have completed their education must upgrade their membership classes by providing the graduation certificate and exam pass slip from the Parent Association.  
  • Please send the required documents to membership@actuaries.org.sg.

Click here for information on fees.

Still have questions? Contact us at membership@actuaries.org.sg

The membership application forms are attached below.