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Day 1


Lee Wai Yi

R. Dale Hall

Ivan Lee

Su Jin Park

Aswin Sreenivas

  • Data & AI in Life Insurance (Presentation slide not available)

Dr. Andreas Armuss

Joycelyn Bui

Dr Matthew Lightwood

Bruce Mackenzie | Laura Kennedy | Charles Chiu


Day 2


Cass Sunstein

  • Special Address - Noise, Bias, and Decision Hygiene (Presentation slide not available)

Jonathan Charak | Kate Stillwell

Graham Hall | Steve Bochanski | Elise Chee

Geoff Werner

Rishabh Gupta | Aly Jamal

Mehul Dave

  • Insurance Linked Securities, a Solution for the Protection Gap (Presentation slide not available)

Saliya Jinadasa

Rishabh Gupta

Matthew Maguire

Lukas Linder | Thibault Imbert | Till Kischkat

Wong Ling Yit | Balacoumarane Vetrivel

  • Claim Fraud Detection (Presentation slide not available)
  • Video: YouTube


Day 3 DAC


Liam McGrath | Yelena Kropivnitskaya

Sara Sakimura | Suguru Fujita

Ling Kai Leong (David)

  • Predictive Analytics in Motor Insurance (Presentation slide not available)
  • Video: YouTube

Michaël Bordeleau-Tassile

Yi Li

  • Actuarial Loss Prediction Kaggle Competition (1) (Presentation slide not available)
  • Video: YouTube

Cheah Tee Hoong

  • Actuarial Loss Prediction Kaggle Competition (2) (Presentation slide not available)
  • Video: YouTube


Day 3 ERM


Greg Carter | Yuan Tian

  • Climate, Cyber, Pandemic Risks - AM Best's Consideration (Presentation slide not available)

David Maneval | John Lian

Markus Wimmer

  • A Practical & Climate Science-Based Walkthrough on Climate Risk Management in Financial Institutions (Presentation slide not available)

Sir John Kay

  • Special Address (Presentation slide not available)

Matt Harrison

  • Cyber Modelling - Where Are We? Where Are We Going? (Presentation slide not available)

Jamie Pocock

  • Cyber Landscape State of the Market Review (Presentation slide not available)

Prof Paul Sweeting

  • An Actuarial Approach to Climate Change Risk (Presentation slide not available)


Day 4


Delvin Cai | Marcus Yamashiro

  • Transforming Landscape of the APAC Risks & A Snapshot of China's Electric Vehicle Ecosystem (Presentation slide not available)

Wang Mingyan

  • Trends and Prospects of Health Insurance in China (Presentation slide not available)

Anil Mancham

  • Myanmar - Dealing with Operational Uncertainty (Presentation slide not available)

Diep Leng

Dr Helen Wright

  • Lifelong Learning and a Growth Mindset – Why These are the ‘Must-Haves’ for Actuaries from 2021 onwards (Presentation slide not available)

Sherwin Li

Roshan Perera

Dr William Thomas

Jill Hoffman

  • The International Actuarial Association (Presentation slide not available)


Day 5


Gregory Chia

Dr. Ng Kok Hoe

  • Minimum Income Standards for Households in Singapore (Presentation slide not available)

Andrew Boal

Philip Pang

  • Sustainable Investing At HSBC Life (Presentation slide not available)
  • Video: YouTube


PCS Afternoon 1


Lee Wai Yi

Ang Kim Lan

  • Legal Responsibility of Actuaries in Singapore (Presentation slide not available)

Ronald T. Kozlowski | Jimmy Molyneux

  • Professionalism Matters For GI Actuaries – Case Studies (Presentation slide not available)

Clement Bonnet | Scott Chow


PCS Afternoon 2


Frank Munro