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Sustainability Conference 2023


Day 1 | 20 June 2023

Prof Paul Sweeting

Rade Musulin

Weihao Choo & Dennis Tay

Saliya Jinadasa

Rade Musulin, Weihao Choo, Saliya Jinadasa & Joseph Hoang-Luu (Moderator)

  • Panel Discussion I - Which Scenarios Will Weather the Storm? Key Climate Scenarios Actuaries Should Watch Out For (Presentation slide not available)


Day 2 | 21 June 2023

Harry Lee

Clara Yan

Clara Yan, David Chua, Kim Rosenkilde & Wen Yee Lee (Moderator)

  • Panel Discussion II - Sustainability: Refreshing the Way We Invest (Presentation slide not available)

Dr. Nigel Winspear

Joseph Hoang-Luu & James Manton-Hall