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27 June Afternoon Forum

Health insurance experts from the Data and Analytics team within NMG Consulting have conducted a study across more than 30 health insurers in South Africa (where large specialist health insurers service more than 15% of the 60M population). The team will present some of the outcomes of that study, including:

  • The impact of the (strict) regulatory environment in South Africa on health insurers
  • The potentially changing role of insurers given the impending passing of a National Health Insurance Bill
  • Economic challenges and the impact on the ability to afford health insurance  
  • The impact of the COVID pandemic on insurers, both direct and ongoing
  • Changes in underlying healthcare usage patterns, and insurer responses to these
  • Insurers’ role in access to healthcare for their policyholders.

The data and insights are specific to one market but the learnings from it are likely to be common across health insurance markets. Some key findings applicable to Asian markets will also be outlined by the Data and Analytics team members based in Asia.

Presenters: Adam Lowe (virtual from Johannesburg) and Roberto Malattia (SG)


Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe | Principal Consultant | NMG Consulting
Adam is a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa. He has 14 years of experience in healthcare consulting, primarily to health insurers but also to other healthcare organisations. Adam’s areas of expertise includes healthcare product development, pricing and contribution/premium setting, risk-based capital frameworks (including co-authoring an award-winning research paper setting out an alternative solvency framework for South African medical schemes based on Solvency II), IAS19 valuations for post-retirement benefits, healthcare market intelligence and benchmarking, and strategic consulting.

Rob Malattia

Rob Malattia | Partner | NMG Consulting
Rob brings over 20 years of experience in the global (re)insurance market, including a decade of experience in Asia. He has worked with (re)insurance companies in more than 30 countries worldwide, providing support and advisory services in both consulting and corporate roles.

Currently, he is a partner at NMG, where he leads the Data and Analytics Consulting practice in Asia. His expertise encompasses traditional actuarial work, as well as strategy and management consultancy on matters such as risk management, portfolio optimization, health insurance, and Usage Based Insurance.

Rob is a Fellow of both the Singapore Actuarial Society and the UK Institute of Actuaries. He holds a Master’s degree in Insurance and Risk Management from the Mib Trieste School of Management in Italy.

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