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The afternoon forum of the PCS begins on 23 Nov, 1.30pm.

This forum is free of charge for all SAS Members and Super Week participants.

The SAS Standards of Actuarial Practice need to be revised following the implementation of RBC2. For such important changes affecting its members, the SAS runs a consultation process, prior to the vote at and Extraordinary General Meeting later in the year.

For this revision of SAPs, the Consultation session will be held at Practising Certificate Seminar (PCS) on Mon 23 Nov.

After the SAP session between 5.15pm - 6pm, we also invite SAS members to learn about MediShield Life (MSHL) 2020 review and draft response prepared by the SAS MediShield Life working group for the Ministry of Health (MoH). Members are also encouraged to contribute their views in this forum.



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