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Weeks 1 to 4 - Income Centre, Bras Basah

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Are you ready to take your data science skills to the next level? If yes, then don’t miss this opportunity to join a hands-on data science course that the Singapore Actuarial Society is organizing.

This course is designed to help you learn and apply data science techniques to real-world actuarial problems. You will get access to self-learning tutorials, weekly clinics with expert instructors, and a capstone project where you will present your findings and solutions.

The course is tailored for participants who have the following levels of data science proficiency:

  1. Basic Python coding skillset. Some suggestion of the many learning resources available: (a), or (b)
  2. Basic understanding of machine learning concept. Learning resources that participants can consider:

Upon successful completion of training and the final project, participants will receive a certificate from the Singapore Actuarial Society.

Maximum number of participants: 15 persons


1) For who is this training suitable?  
For beginners who have some basic knowledge of Python and machine learning. The course content covers basics of machine learning and other aspects of AI and points participants to resources to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

2) How different is this training from others (e.g. open source courses)?
Participants are expected to put their knowledge into practice to solve insurance problems (provided in use cases) and present their solutions.

EARLY BIRD RATES (Valid till 15 May 2023)

  • Member: $200
  • Non-Member: $250

STANDARD RATES (Valid from 16 May 2023)

  • Member: $250
  • Non-Member: $300

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