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Dear members,

As I announced it one month ago, the SAS Council and Committees have been working towards holding CPD events in spite of the COVID situation. I am happy to share that most of the usual SAS annual events will be concentrated within one Super Week: the week of 23rd to 27th November 2020. The theme of this Super Week will be Brave New Normal. At this stage, we do not know whether it will be virtual or land-based, but we are certainly ready for both options as we tested remote capabilities in our recent SAS Afternoon Forum (with an encouraging attendance of 157 participants) and we also reserved a large venue.

What to expect during this Super Week:

1.         The 6 Practice Committees (Life, GI, Health, Retirement, ERM and Data Analytics) will hold their own conferences (0.5 to 1.5 day each)

2.         The Practising Certificate Seminar will be held with an expected double attendance due to the postponement of the May occurrence

3.         If land-based is possible, we will also hold an EGM (Constitution and SAP changes, you will hear more about it in the coming months) and our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner which was supposed to be held right after our last AGM

The decision between virtual or land-based as well as a more precise conferences calendar will be taken and communicated by 31st August.


Call for Papers

No one is untouched by COVID-19. Compounded with industry challenges and new regulatory changes (RBC2, IFRS17), insurers and banks are working tirelessly to brace themselves in the Brave New Normal. Have you found new and innovative ways to excel in the Brave New Normal? Are you a technical or analytics whiz? Are you a seasoned insurance leader? Are you the maven of your area? We would love to hear from you! Whether you want to have an impact on the actuarial community and the insurance industry with your ideas or to elevate your profile, there is no better platform than the SAS Super Week 2020.

The SAS invites interested presenters to send abstracts of their topics to following these guidelines (a submission template is appended for reference):

1.         Aim for the presentation to take about 30 minutes, with about 10 minutes of Q&A on top

2.         Submit a presentation topic with a concise and informative abstract (around 200 words)

3.         Include your name, professional qualifications, company, title and contact email in this submission

4.         In the case that your presentation will be made by more than one speaker, please provide information on all speakers

5.         Include any other attachments you may wish to provide for the committee’s consideration

6.         Fill the IBF Fit and Proper Declaration Form

7.         Send your application by 17th August to:

  •  if you intend to speak at the Life Conference
  •  if you intend to speak at the GI Conference
  •  if you intend to speak at the Health Conference
  •  if you intend to speak at the Retirement Conference
  •  if you intend to speak at the ERM Conference
  •  if you intend to speak at the Data Conference

The selection committee will review and confirm if your topic is accepted by early September.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to write to me directly:


Thank you.

Frederic Weber



SAS Super Week - Call for Papers  << click here to download