The SAS Health Committee is a group of actuaries with experience and interest in Healthcare. We seek to contribute to Healthcare related discussions in the public domain through publications, forums and conferences.

What We Do

The Committee's objectives and responsibilities

  • Organize SAS Health conference annually and SAS afternoon forums where members can benefit from health insurance expertise locally and globally
  • Publish consultation papers, circulars, requests by the MAS, MOH, LIA, on health insurance matters in Singapore.
  • Contribute to any debate, public or private, on health insurance or health system issues

Who We Are

Committee Members

  1. Keerti Sethia, Chair, Council Liaison
  2. Kyle Huang, Deputy Chair
  3. Benny Lim Tiong Wei, Secretary
  4. Alex Lee
  5. Catherine Love Soper
  6. Charlene Lee
  7. Cheng Hock Chi
  8. Geoffrey Kuhn
  9. Hitesh Shah
  10. Konrad Kuc
  11. Lim Tien Yung
  12. Lydia Williamson
  13. Marcus Kok
  14. Ong Wei Chang
  15. Ryan Yeo
  16. Samuel Lim
  17. Tan Wai Yan
  18. Yee Lee Ling
  19. Yijun Jairus Ng

The actuarial approach to making healthcare sustainable

- reproduced with permission from the Asia Insurance Review

Despite rapid advancements in technology, healthcare costs have continued to increase at an alarming rate. At the Joint SAS-IAAHS Health Conference 2021, the brightest actuarial minds came together to talk about how this issue can be addressed, as well as other major trends currently shaping healthcare and insurance. Read more.

What We Are Working On

Workgroups convened in 2022/23

Best Practice Note for Healthcare

The SAS Health Committee is drafting a Best Practice Note to cover basic information that health actuaries practicing in Singapore may require to undertake their duties and functions professionally, by providing a high level view of the healthcare provision and financing landscape in Singapore.

Portability of Health Insurance

The SAS Health Committee is studying the portability of health insurance plans in Singapore to improve the choices available for consumers and enhance efficiency of insurance industry in Singapore.

Workgroups convened in 2021/22

Forum: Capitation Model for Healthcare Funding

The SAS Health Committee seeks to partner key stakeholders and contribute insights to the transformation of Singapore healthcare ecosystem from a workload-based model to a capitation model.

Data Publication for National Schemes

The SAS Health Committee seeks to partner key stakeholders to (i) improve public understanding of national insurance schemes through publication of key indicators and (ii) enrich data source for product pricing using national datasets.

Claim Behaviour of Foreign Workers in Singapore

The SAS Health Committee seeks to investigate the frequency of claims (excluding COVID related claims) from the Foreign Workers population, which was observed to have doubled since the onset of COVID.

Workgroups convened in 2020/21

Long Term Care (LTC) paper

The SAS Health Committee has put together a Long Term Care Insurance, summarising LTC systems in developed countries including Singapore and outlining the financing, pricing and risk considerations underneath. 

International Healthcare Funding Report

The SAS Health Committee contributed to International Healthcare Funding Report, jointly published by the International Actuarial Association Health Section (IAAHS), Society of Actuaries International Section and the American Academy of Actuaries Health Practice International Committee.

2020 MediShield Life (MSHL) Review

The Ministry of Health (MoH) invited the SAS Health Committee and Retirement Committee to respond to Public Consultation on MSHL Review 2020 dated 29-Sep-2020. 

The discussion paper sets out the comments from the Singapore Actuarial Society (SAS) in response to this consultation.

We are encouraged that our response to the MediShield Life (MSHL) 2020 public consultation was referenced by the Singapore Medical Association (SMA) in “SMA 61st Council Position Statement on Troubled Integrated Shield Plans (IPs)”, and also subsequently referenced by the Life Insurance Association (LIA) in its corresponding response.  Please refer to our position statement here.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer or contribute as a speaker in health afternoon forum or conferences, please write to: