Placing a job advertisement with SAS would include direct email publicity to all SAS members and a listing on our Jobs page


To place a job advertisement with SAS, this is what you will need to do:

Provide details of the position(s) you wish to advertise for:

  • Company Name: 
  • Location of Position:
  • Job Title:
  • Years of Experience: nn Years
  • Practice Area:  Life / General
  • Position Type: Full-time / Contract / Part-time
  • Job Description
  • Link to application website
  • Softcopy of the company logo
  • Target publication date for the position

Email this information to



  • 1 job post with 1 position: S$1,999
  • Additional positions within the same job post: S$499 per position (not available for recruitment companies)
  • Advertisements for Fresh Graduate and Internship positions are complimentary

Processing Time

5 business day after receipt of full information


Terms and Conditions

SAS reserves the right to reject any advertisement if:

  • SAS decides that the advertisement contains false, misleading or exaggerated statements or
  • The advertiser is unable to provide the additional supporting information relating to the position/company

SAS reserves the final right to reject and/or remove the advertisement based on any grounds it sees fit.

The job post will be published on the SAS website for a period of 2 months.

Payment should be made immediately upon SAS' confirmation of the amount due or upon presentation of invoice (whichever is the earlier). 

Job advertisements will not be published until amounts in arrears are settled.