The SAS Operations Committee exercises oversight and management into the day-to-day and strategic operational functions of the society, including areas relating to membership, finance and technology.

What We Do

The Committee's objectives and responsibilities

  • Liaison Role between various Executive Committee roles (President, Vice President, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary), the Digital Lead, Honorary Deputy Treasurer, Honorary Deputy Secretary and Executive Director
  • SAS Membership: New Members / Renewals / Re-joining
  • SAS Website: Update and improve to match latest trends in terms of layout and functionalities
  • SAS Secretariat Staff 
  • SAS Staff Handbook: Review and update on yearly basis
  • Managing Staff matters – generally via Executive Director
  • Providing Guidance to the Executive Director
  • SAS Operations: Achieve greater efficiency with digitalization, insurance, better procurement etc.

Who We Are

Committee members for 2021/22

  • Chair: Frank Devlin (SAS Vice President)
  • Deputy Chair: Anuj Behl (SAS Honorary Secretary)
  • SAS President: Frederic Weber
  • SAS Honorary Treasurer: Kevin Chou
  • SAS Executive Director: Ngun Mei Lin

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