Our Role

Our Role in the Actuarial Profession in Singapore

As the recognised representative body of the actuarial profession in Singapore, the SAS has the final authority in setting professional standards.

SAS provides its 1,000+ community with many opportunities and linkages to other Asian and global actuaries, including opportunities to work collegially on cutting edge regulatory, industry and public interest issues. Through our many forums, events and the annual flagship conference; the Singapore Actuarial Conference, we showcase and feature world renowned speakers combining different actuarial practice areas with an international focus in Life Insurance, General Insurance, Data Analytics, ERM and Retirement.

The SAS conducts the bi-annual Practising Certificate Seminar which focuses on current topics on professionalism, as well as facilitated discussions on issues faced by actuaries in Singapore. The session is aimed towards Appointed Actuaries, Certifying Actuaries and Fellows who anticipate moving into signing roles.


Our Engagement with Regulators and Government Bodies

Serving the public and the actuarial profession is in SAS’ constitution and the SAS aims to build long lasting relationships with government agencies through regular touchpoints and relationships at senior levels. We have built working relationships with the Singapore financial regulator - the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)Ministry of Health (MOH), and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Our engagements with government agencies include providing commentary on policy changes, advising government agencies on insurance-related topics, on regulation and on professional actuarial standards.


Our International Footprint

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) is the worldwide organization of actuarial associations and exists to encourage the development of a global profession. Its mission is to:

  • Inform and influence global stakeholders
  • Assure the reputation of the profession
  • Advance the competency of the profession

The SAS is a Full Member of the IAA and has active representatives to contribute to various IAA committees. Notably, the SAS currently has representatives in the IAA Council, Executive Committee, and the Strategic Planning Committee, on top of several sections and task forces. More details about the IAA can be found on their website and further details on the SAS International Committee page.

The Asian Actuaries Association (AsAA) is an association to develop international collaboration in the actuarial field within the Asian region. To achieve this, the AsAA organises the Asian Actuarial Conference (AAC) at least once every two years. The SAS is an active contributor to the AsAA, having organised the AAC in 2019 with the theme "Crazy Responsive Actuaries – Taking Action to Secure the Future" and is looking to host the event again in 2026.

The hosts of the next AAC are

  • 2023 Australia (merged with ICA2023)
  • 2024 TBC
  • 2025 Thailand (in conjunction with 50th anniversary)
  • 2026 Singapore (in conjunction with 50th anniversary)
  • 2027 Korea

In 2022, the AsAA developed out of the Asian Actuarial Congress, which was itself a development of the East Asian Actuarial Congress (EAAC), and established in 1981. Its constitution was formalised in 1989 (and updated on October 2011) with the following objectives:

  • To exchange ideas and information on all kinds of actuarial knowledge.
  • To discuss subjects of mutual interest relating to actuarial theory and practice with particular application to East Asia economic and regulatory conditions.
  • To promote the actuarial profession within the East Asian region and to discuss standards of competence and conduct within the actuarial profession.
  • To work towards the establishment of a data base of information of interest to actuaries so that interested parties can refer to such data base.
  • To hold meetings and discussions, publish papers, reports and studies, make or sponsor investigations, promote educational activities, and to undertake such other activities as may be decided by the Executive Board.
  • To maintain contact with other actuarial and professional organisations and interested individuals or organisations.

The AAC is made up of 12 actuarial organisations with close to 25,000 members. The actuarial organisations are:

  • Actuaries Institute Australia
  • China Association of Actuaries
  • The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
  • The Institute of Actuaries of India
  • The Society of Actuaries of Indonesia
  • The Institute of Actuaries of Japan
  • The Institute of Actuaries of Korea
  • Actuarial Society of Malaysia
  • Actuarial Society of Philippines
  • Singapore Actuarial Society
  • Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei
  • The Society of Actuaries of Thailand

In the early years, a biennial event (called East Asian Actuarial Conference and now known as Asian Actuarial Conference) was organised by varying actuarial organisations every 2 years in member countries and starting from 2013, it has become an annual event.

Below highlights the history of AAC:





1st EAAC

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: titled as “Actuarial Society of Malaysia, 1981 International Seminar”.


2nd EAAC

Singapore: The title of the Conference was changed to “East-Asian Actuarial Conference” at the 2nd EAAC in Singapore.


3rd EAAC

Manila, Philippines: 1st-3rd December 1985


4th EAAC

Hong Kong: 25th-27th May 1987


5th EAAC

Taipei: Constitution of EAAC was drafted at 5th EAAC in Taipei.
Note: 1990 The planning meeting began from 1990.


6th EAAC

Bali, Indonesia: October 1991


7th EAAC

Singapore: 30th November - 3rd December 1993


8th EAAC

Tokyo, Japan: Constitution of EAAC was signed at 8th EAAC in Tokyo.


9th EAAC

Bangkok, Thailand: 19th–22nd October 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand


10th EAAC

Seoul, Korea: Making the EAAC flag was decided at 10th EAAC in Seoul. 3-6th October 1999


11th EAAC

Hong Kong: 7th-10th October 2001


12th EAAC

Manila, Philippines: 12th-15th October 2014, EAAC logo was adopted and India joined EAAC at 12th EAAC in Manila.


13th EAAC

Bali, Indonesia: 12th-15th September 2005


14th EAAC

Tokyo, Japan: 9th-12th October 2007 Australia joined EAAC and Constitution was amended at 14th EAAC In Tokyo.


15th EAAC

Seoul, Korea: 12th-15th October 2009


16th EAAC

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 10th-13th October 2011. EAAC decides to hold the event once in a year from year 2013 as against once in two years.


17th EAAC

Singapore: 15th-18th October 2013


18th AAC

Taipei: 12th-15th October 2014, name changed to Asian Actuarial Congress from East Asian Actuarial Congress so as to envelope whole of Asia.


19th AAC

Bangkok, Thailand: 3rd-6th November 2015


20th AAC

Gurgaon, India: 9th-12th November 2016


21st AAC

Hong Kong: 16th-19th September 2018


22nd AAC

Singapore: 21-24 October 2019


Our Collaborations with Educational Bodies

SAS has been engaging closely with the local universities in Singapore. Through our annual Actuarial Career Fair, mentorship sessions, industry talks and Excel@Work sessions, the SAS seeks to promote the actuarial profession locally and bridge the gap between students and professionals. Local universities offering actuarial science programs includes Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU).