What We Do

The Committee's objectives and responsibilities

  • Organize Practising Certificate Seminars at least annually
  • Is steward of the primary SAS governance documents (e.g. Constitution, Code of Conduct, Professional Standards, Standards Actuarial Practice papers, although policies would fall to Operations Committee)
  • Is responsible for the Standard of Actuarial Practice X01 and Glossary
  • Sets CPD policy and monitors members compliance with that CPD Policy
  • Provides advice to Council on whether an individual from a non-Recognized Actuarial Associations should be approved as a Fellow of SAS
  • Provides advice to Council, upon Council request, in relation to a disciplinary matter regarding a member of SAS


Who We Are

Committee members

  • Alex LEE
  • Jill HOFFMAN
  • Matthew MAGUIRE
  • Richard HOLLOWAY


List of individuals holding Practising Certificates 27 May 2024

From 1 January 2015 members have been required to hold a Practising Certificate before they take up Appointed Actuary and Certifying Actuary roles. For these members, they are required to attend a formal Practising Certificate Seminar which will be arranged by SAS from time to time. The initial three year grandfathering period expires on 31 December 2017.

Members are required to update their Practising Certificate as it expires. SAS will not notify members where their certificates are about to expire. SAS will hold two Practising Certificate Seminars a year (normally in May and November) and members will need to attend if they wish to continue to hold a Practising Certificate.