2022 Membership Banner Reinstatement

Membership fees reinstate

If you were an active member in 2021 and did not renew by 31 Mar 2022

  • Make payment according to the fees table above.
  • Submit your reinstatement with proof of payment through the Submit button.
  • Your account will be re-activated once our membership team has validated your payment. 

If your membership had lapsed in 2021 and prior

  • Download and complete the membership form.
  • Make payment according to the fees table above.
  • Submit your reinstatement application (together with the completed form and proof of payment) through the Submit button. 

Application form

Additional Information:

  • Please inform us should there be any material changes affecting your professional standing or actuarial credentials when reinstating.
  • If you are a student member & still studying, please send us your latest student status letter. No payment is required.