The Singapore Actuarial Society was founded in 1976 by the following people


Mr N. N. Handa Mr A.T. Shimpi Mr Leong Teck Kut
Mr B. P. Gupta Mr Tan Kin Lian Mr Robert Lian
Mr Law Song Keng Mr F. J. D'Costa Mr A. Street
Dr P. W. A. Dayananda Mr Robert Fung Mr Peter Lee
Ms Pearly Lim Mr K Manivasagan Mr George Tay
Mr Yeo Boon Tong    


At that time, the actuarial profession was little known in Singapore and there were only a handful of qualified actuaries. The adoption of the new Constitution in July 1996 and the Code of Professional Conduct in November 1997 was the fruition of efforts made in the past two decades to promote the study of actuarial science and professional standards.