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SAC2022 - Save the date

The upcoming Singapore Actuarial Conference will be held on 3 - 5 October 2022 as a fully in-person event with the theme "Economic Sustainable Governing Actuaries".

ESG is all the buzz these days, but how does it relate to actuaries?


At the heart of everything actuaries do are the economic or commercial implications of our models.

How will changes such as IFRS 17, new interest rate environment and Covid-19 related disruptions impact insurers’ bottom lines?

Hear about the latest trends in insurance products, technological innovation and how it all fits with the macroeconomic trends.


Having a commercial mindset is a start, but any actions taken must be sustainable. The last few years have shown us just how volatile the real life manifestations of our models can be.

Macroeconomic indicators have been largely stable until recently, so what are the new long term directions?
In the face of disruption to our industry, how do we make sure that our products are still sustainable?
What do the increased longevity and costs whilst low market returns mean for society’s retirement options?

Sustainability is also becoming a more prominent theme outside of our field.

Find out what work actuaries have been doing in the field of sustainability and climate change modelling.


As always, the sustainability of our industry hinges on perfectly balanced governance. There are many ways actuaries have been contributing to the governance of the insurance industry - whether it’s through contribution to ever-evolving regulation and capital management, pioneering within the ERM field or bringing their skills to management positions.

Whilst the right approach to governing the industry amid the new challenges is uncertain, we are confident that there are plenty of insights to be gained from the array of actuaries.

Engage in discussions with your fellow actuaries at the SAC 2022!

Watch this space for further details. Registration details will be made available in due course.